Vaishali Pharmaceuticals is an ISO 9001:2000 & WHO-cGMP certified company mainly doing the business in fields of manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Formulations since 1993.

Vaishali is situated on the Jansath Road, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, which is about 120 km from Delhi, the heart of the Capital, among greenery and pollution free environment the unit in WHO-cGMP approved and hence a synonym of quality production. Vaishali Pharmaceuticals set up its building on a 28650 sq. ft. area of which only 10,000 sq. ft. is constructed area and the rest is green. Dr. V. K. Jain, Director R&D is responsible for the stringent quality of the products manufactured & new product development at Vaishali Pharmaceuticals.

Vaishali Pharmaceuticals has expansion plant for Injectable with eye & ear drops for that a state of art building is under construction. Production is done under the proper guidance of highly qualified directors and person.

Vaishali Pharmaceuticals, a premier organization engaged in the production of a wide range of world class pharmaceutical products and services. Our Specialty Pharmaceuticals business deals with assets like adequate place to handle highly toxic, hazardous & flammable materials, internally developed proprietary drug-delivery platforms, and internal audits under pre-clinical development and also visual inspection machines, multi-station tablet presses. Our focus is also on export of medicines in form of capsules, tablets,syrups, cream etc. in CIS Countries, South East Asia and East Europe Countries.

Capsule manufacturing section has a Stainless steel double cone mixer that goes into action in an international standard room that is well conditioned and with walls painted up to the ceiling with epoxy paint which is the case with every room in Vaishali Pharmaceuticals. The automatic capsule filling machine designed as per international standard is used for filling, cleaning, sorting empty capsule and for polishing. One of the machine hopper is loaded with empty hard gelatine capsules and the other hoppers is loaded with powder to be filled. By an automatic capsule loader the ring is loaded by empty hard gelatine capsule. This ring is shifted under the powder hopper which is fixed to release desired wt. of powder. Capsules after filling unloaded in a chamber from there the filled capsule passed on line for sorting, cleaning, polishing which are ready for blister. The room environment is controlled as required for the process.

By an automatic state of art blister machine capsules are packed in a blister which is stamped for B. N. Mfg. and Exp. Date and collected on the working table.  All system is controlled by PLC.

Ointment – The PLC controlled automatic plant is used for manufacturing ointment/creams. It has water phase mixture, wax phase mixture and final processing mixture.  All systems are operated hydrocally and fixed with desired types of stirrer, homogenizer. All system is fitted with a S. S. pipe line through which material can be flowed as per requirement automatically. The heating of all process vessels is preformed by controlled temperature steam generated by an oil fuel steam boiler.

The manufactured ointment/cream is pumped in a storage container from that it is pumped to automatic tube filling, crimping and batch coding machine.

All process are adopted under dust free controlled environment which is controlled by HVAC system fitted in each room of Vaishali.

DM water – The water used in all process where required is pharma grade quality. for this Vaishali has its own deep boaring fitted with a stainless steel submersible pumps. The water transfer through regular hygienically cleaned S.S. pipes for Demineralise by an latest technological Demineral water treatment plant based on anoin and cation process DM water is tested & transferred to different sections through S. S. pipelines directly where required.

Oral liquid – Oral liquid is also manufactured & by an automatic plant. Heating was done by steam circulation. Double jacketed vessel is used for sugar melting. Before to start sugar is screened and filled in vessel with required quantity of water and preservatives. Prepared sugar solution is transferred through sparkless filter press to controlled all unwanted particles to the process vessel fitted with stirrer & homogenizer through S.S Pipelines. The final manufactured syrup is again transferred to storage tank through second filter press fitted with required filter pads again to control any traces. Solution is ready to fill in bottles.

Bottles used are washed with Dimineralise water and squeezed then put in an oven for sterilization and drying. These bottles passed for volumetric filling machine. Filled bottles then passed for ROPP capping. After capping bottles are again checked visually and ready to labels. All process is perform in insect and dust free environmentally controlled rooms.

Power: Vaishali Pharmaceuticals has an alternate power supply from a mega generator as a backup to provide interrupted power supply.

The warehousing area has the various formulations in their assigned packing ready for shipment to the various parts. The incoming raw material is cleaned thorough vacuumed cleaning, moping, weighing and ready for sampling. The storage of raw material is divided into Non biological and biological categories. The latter is pre-stocked with a wide range of vitamins and the penicillin group. A well appointed dispensing section too is part of the scheme. All are adopted under controlled Temperature and Humidity.

The inactive and inflammable items are carefully stored in a separate room as the norms ask for. They are sealed and kept under the right temperature. All packing material complies with global standards at Vaishali Pharmaceuticals.

Tablet - The tablet manufacturing unit is divided into 2 sections for granulation. In the well lit and ventilated room, the material in carefully scooped by a sifter which spouts out the initial 1st stage substance and then is put into a wet and dry blender mass mixer. The semi co-angulated mixture is then treated in a fluid bed dryer which is thermostatically controlled. The resulting dried powder goes into the granulator and Multimill.  This is further blended in a drum mixer and the resulting quality of the product is carefully monitored by an expert. The same product is shifted through windows which are inter connected to Compression. Each room has double door air locked cabin at the entry, fitted with ultra violet light for sterilization of incoming person or material to prevent micro contamination.

The GMP model rotary compression machine -27 station & 16 station are equipped with a dust collecting machine. The rotary machines churns out perfectly formed tablets which are sent off before next stage right away but a sample is collected for exhausted tests which include in process check for the correct weight, Uniformity of Dosage Unit, disintegration test, friability test, Size, Thickness, Physical Appearance and Hardness. Once assured the quality of the tablets if required sent for fine coat enteric or film as required by permitted color in a coating pan.


Dry Syrup – This section includes with all automatic mandatory equipments for blending filling, capping and labeling cleaning & sterilizing. The already clean bottles receive further clean and sterilized by an automatic air jet electrostatic cleaning & sterilizing machine. A process done twice over to keep the interiors of the bottles totally free of particles. The clean bottles are passed on the belt connected online with double head automatic weight control filling machine which is fitted with automatically powder and dust clean system ready for ROPP capping automatically.

The all capped bottles send for labeling by an automatic labeling machine all process are performed under required controlled environment   

The entry of workers & visitors was by separate entry doors equipped with proper change rooms and washing systems. Each entry is equipped with air curtains, U.V. lamps. All workers and visitors before entering in manufacturing area used sterilized dress from head to foot for escaping outer dust & un-hygiene.

Sanitation and environmental control is on top priority. For this each manufacturing room entry and lobby is fitted with U.V. tubes. For the fire safety purpose fire fighting equipments are placed at proper places under the guidance of fire control department. Emergency exit are also provided in the plant. All the outer side of the factory was guarding by green trees, grass and moisic flouring to control outer dust. Complete building is centrally controlled by temperature, humidity and internal dust by and HVAC system. Also where required rooms are fitted with dehumidifier & air-conditioners specially in capsule, dry syrup, raw material, finished products room.